Hubbell Customer Satisfaction Survey

To Our Valued Customers, at Hubbell our goal is to provide superior, proactive service. We work hard to do our best, but we recognize there is always room for improvement. Please take a moment to let us know how you think we are doing. Thank you for your support

Please rate our performance in the following areas by checking the description that you feel is most accurate

Service Questions

Prompt responses from our Customer Service Team to your calls?
Prompt responses from our Field Sales Representatives to your calls?
Prompt responses from our Technical Services Department to your calls?
How well do we answer your questions in one call?
Knowledge level of our Customer Service staff?
Were your orders shipped in a timely manner?
What manufacturer (from any product line) do you feel offers the best customer service and why?
Additional suggestions for improvement?

Printed Information Questions

Does the Hubbell marketing information (catalog, product literature, selector charts, product displays, etc.) meet your needs?
If not, what can we develop to make your job easier?

Web Site Questions

Does the Hubbell Premise Wiring web site meet your needs?
If yes, what type(s) of information do you use our web site for?
What additional features would you like to see added to our web site?
Additional suggestions for improvement?

Optional Contact Information

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